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Our Objective as JG Customs Forwarding is to provide our clients with reception, review, storage and dispatch service of their merchandise with precision, speed, logistical security, efficiency and quality.


JG Customs Forwarding, provides services for the safekeeping and dispatch of goods based on security standards according to our certifications, guaranteeing our clients to safeguard their supply chain, with the objective that our clients differentiate themselves from their competitors with integrity, speed and transparency.

Our Vision

At JG Customs we will be a competitive company in the service of safekeeping and dispatch of merchandise with logistical security quality and timely responses to the needs of our clients, at a fair cost, achieving the satisfaction of each one of them.

JG Customs Warehouse




From LTL to small parcel shipments we can help with your every logistical need. With a team dedicated to LTL and small parcel you can rest assured that you merchandise will arrive in its original condition with precise timing on deliveries.



JG Customs Forwarding LLC has approximately 90,000 sq/ft of storage area, this gives out clients a variety of options and versatility of merchandise storage. Weather it is Cross-Dock or prolonged storage you can count on us for your storage needs.



The warehouse is the heart of any supply chain, the most delicate and important part of the merchandise distribution or supply process. In our warehouse, your goods are received, inspected, stored and dispatched in a constant flow.

We control the quality of the inventories of your merchandise, they are kept in optimal conditions, they are handled, selected, assigned and prepared to reach their final destination.



Cross-Border Transport is the best logistics ally for your company, with shipments in Mexico and the United States of America / Canada.

With more than 5 years of experience in this field, Cross-Border is a Certified Operator of Land Transport C-TPAT and in the process of being certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This certification grants our clients, in addition to the absolute certainty that their cargos are handled following extremely demanding security standards, the benefit of greater agility in customs procedures, derived from our C-TPAT condition.

With Cross-Border Transport, direct control through our staff provides us with extra security that thus becomes, together with agility, efficiency and effectiveness in transportation, the basic pillars of our traffic division in Reynosa / Pharr.

Customs Brokers

Customs Brokers

We as U.S. Customs Brokers focus our work objectives on two principles: service and excellence, constituting an essential pillar of the set of customs activities carried out by JG Customs Forwarding LLC.

Our customs department, made up of professional experts of the highest qualification and experience, goes beyond advice and assumes full involvement with the needs of clients, analyzing and showing the legal options that best suit their International Trade relations.

Our solid reputation before the customs administration, the result of years of solvency and dedication, is reflected in our certification as CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) members, both in its customs simplification and security modality.


A certified Customs Agency that follows continuous updating programs and personally attends to each of our clients.

They add because we know that each client is different and their logistics chain requires specific and precise monitoring. For this reason, they design individual protocols, based on the application of knowledge, within a framework of experience, honesty and service.

They currently offer the customs clearance service with patents No. 3172 and 3928 operated by the owners and partners of our group through the customs of Reynosa and Matamoros, Tamaulipas and Tijuana, Baja California Norte; and through strategic business partnerships allows them to attend the main customs of the country.


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1300 Military Hwy,
Pharr, TX 78577, USA

 Ph: (956) 702-1211
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